Sunnyhill Celebrates Amazing Employees

On Friday, March 16th, Sunnyhill recognized employees that have been dedicated to supporting Sunnyhill over the past 5, 10, 15, 20, & 25 years!
The support that they provide at Sunnyhill is instrumental to growing opportunities for the people that we support!

5 Years of Service:

Virginia Branson
Marlene Cornell
Camri Cox
Jewelline Dixon
Trisha Gassen
Deon Howard
Gibrilla Kamara
Sharon Moore
Lucas Mraz
Tiara Purnell
Kayla Schmelzle
Yigzaw Yohalashet

15 Years of Service:

Stephanie Darroch
James Mulwa
Al Reed

10 Years of Service:

Kathleen Branson
Dorcas Koigi
Linda Kresko
Joyce Long
Tracy Mattin
Calle Melkersman
Anita Nolan
Jeff Robnett
Cynthia Sohlke
Latasha Van Norman
Paleace Welch
Lavaughn Woods

25 Years of Service:

Cynthia Edmondson

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to the staff who retired in 2017!

Joan Stierwalt worked for Sunnyhill from 1993-2017
Deborah Moses worked for Sunnyhill from 2003-2017
Joe Moses worked for Sunnyhill from 2006-2017

Caroline Deacon