Sunnyhill Career Opportunities

Sunnyhill is an equal opportunity employer. Sunnyhill provides a fair and equal employment opportunity for all associates regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability.

residential support

People in the Independent Supported Living Assistance (ISLA) program receive one-on-one service focusing on the maintenance of a person in his or her own residence. This service can include up to 40 hours of support a month per person.

Sunnyhill’s community based Independent Supported Living Medicaid Waiver program (Waiver) is designed to meet the support needs of each person served. Sunnyhill support staff is available 24 hours a day to assist with instruction on daily living skills: cooking, cleaning, etc., participation in meaningful activities, relationship formation, and community access.

*****No Experience required, we will provide training*****


***$100 bonus AVAILABLE upon the completion of training***


Location: High Ridge, MO (Part-Time)

Direct support professional

Location: St. Louis City/County (Part-Time)

Location: St. Louis South County (Full-Time)

Location: De Soto, MO (Part-Time)

Location: Cedar Hill/Dittmer, Mo (Full-Time)(Part-Time)

Location: St Charles, MO (Part-Time)

Location: St Louis City (Part-Time)

Location: High Ridge MO (Full-Time) or (Part-Time)

Location: Bonne Terre, MO (Full-Time) $13.25/per hour

Residential Manager

Sunnyhill’s Residential Managers provide leadership for the residential support team.

Positions Currently Available

 ***$100 bonus AVAILABLE upon the completion of training***

lead staff

Location: St Louis County MO


Location: DeSoto MO

lead staff

Location: Dittmer MO Full-Time)


positions currently available

***$100 bonus AVAILABLE upon the completion of training***

sunnyhill adventure travel

Location: St Louis MO (Part-Time)

Camp med aide (Temp Summer)$15 per hour

Location: Dittmer MO

camp staff

Location: Dittmer MO (Part-Time)

Junior Development ops Developer

Location: St Louis MO (Full-Time)


The board certified behavior analyst (BCaBA) is responsible for developing plans to reduce problem behaviors and teach appropriate replacement behaviors for children, adolescents, and adults with autism and related developmental disabilities

positions currently available

***$100 bonus AVAILABLE upon the completion of training***

(bcba) board certified behavior analyst

Location: St Louis/Jefferson County MO

(RBT) Registered behavioral technician

Location: St Louis MO (Part-Time)


Location: Dittmer MO


Before searching for your perfect position, please note that all positions require:

1. Valid Driver’s License

2. Reliable car, properly insured according to state law

3. Clean Criminal Background check, Driving Record, and Family Care Safety Registry

Training is provided by Sunnyhill at our Administrative Office in south St. Louis County on scheduled dates from Monday-Friday during business hours. 

Please check your email frequently as Sunnyhill will send all correspondence regarding your application status and interview information via email.  In order to expedite the hiring process, please bring your driver’s license, social security card, proof of vehicle insurance, and proof of education with you to Open Testing.

PLEASE NOTE: You may be directed to a secure third-party site, ADP, to complete the application process.